delivery computer

computer, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

Waking up at 7am on a Sunday should be illegal, especially when new mattress pads are involved that turn beds into evil snooze-button magnets.

Since I'm at work (and frustrated) right now (for a change), I thought I'd post a test shot of the delivery computer. This picture was actually a mistake I made while trying to photograph another one of my managers, but the Polaroid freaked out and I needed to figure out what was wrong. This computer is oftentimes the bane of my existence, aggravated by people who don't know how to order delivery. Having also just gracefully exited a phone conversation with a customer who apparently thought I was not good enough to scrape the gum off the bottom of his shoes, let alone put an order for his precious food into the kitchen, I thought I'd blog this computer.
The restaurant business is a freaky animal. I would never want to own or manage a restaurant, especially such an insane high-traffic one as this.

On a more exciting note, I seem to have gotten a fabulous summer theatre job at a wonderful regional theatre doing "The Producers." Yay! I get to be a tap=dancing showgirl, which is what I do best. Hopefully they will let me buy my shoes from them so I won't be dancing in the same tap shoes I've been rocking since the ninth grade.

Two more hours.


Phoenix Guy said...

Glad you got that summer job, I'll probably be looking for one myself in a month.

When I used to live in New York, I used to go to restaurants a lot. Only since leaving New York, I've gone to theatre whenever I visit my family during the holidays.

ten said...

well thanks, phoenix guy! nice to know folks are keeping up on it.

that's the nice thing about new york...the restaurants and shows will always be there waiting for you.