boco kids

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This is what happens when you hang out in midtown....worlds collide. I was out with Soos the other night, and of course we ran into a bunch of kids I went to school with...Ravi, Travis, Ryley, Nic, and Anich....we wound up going along with them over to Posh for a drink, where I pulled out my polaroid. I'm amazed at what happens when you pull out a Polaroid in front of musical theatre kids- this happened with absolutely no direction whatsoever. Everything from supermodels to confused messes, an accurate cross-section of the boco.

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Anonymous said...


The Boston Globe wrote a Cinderalla-style piece on a BoCo girl who very much wants to make it on B'way, which reminded me of Nick Adams, who I knew WAS making it, and then I saw his blog, which linked to your blog, where you have a picture of the BoCo.

It's like a circle, of ... um, life or something.

(Yes, I said it.)

- riggs!