dusty, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

In honor of Brayden's link today (thanks again for that) and his mention of Soos in his blog, The No-Spend Zone, I'm putting this photo of Dusty up today. Dusty is Soos's cat, who was also present at the party a few weeks ago. He's a massive cat, but terribly sweet and only slightly shy. James this photo somewhere towards the end of the night, after we made him put pointe shoes on and dance around his own living room. I was helping Elise to support his weight, so I sadly have no pictures of ballerina James.

Anyway....friends' cats seem to be a running theme on this blog. My friends have some pretty cool cats, though. Seriously. How many cats do you know who would be willing to look directly at the camera and pose for a picture? Well played, Dusty. Well played.

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