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This is Mike, sitting in a chair in Texas on one of those whirlwind nights during the "Will" shoot. We were in Austin for about four days, carousing and having an amazing time. Mike thinks this picture looks like an old photo of someone's dad vacationing in the Catskills circa 1970. I kind of agree with him. Mike is driven, incredibly talented, focused, and a really inspiring friend, what with his enormous capacity for life and his amazing attitude. We wandered around Austin vintage shopping and babbling about music, and I gave him some computer pointers. He's just started his own production company, and is going to be starring in its first feature this summer. I can't wait to see what happens.


boco kids

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This is what happens when you hang out in midtown....worlds collide. I was out with Soos the other night, and of course we ran into a bunch of kids I went to school with...Ravi, Travis, Ryley, Nic, and Anich....we wound up going along with them over to Posh for a drink, where I pulled out my polaroid. I'm amazed at what happens when you pull out a Polaroid in front of musical theatre kids- this happened with absolutely no direction whatsoever. Everything from supermodels to confused messes, an accurate cross-section of the boco.



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This is Sarah. Her polaroid was taken on the same night as Dewey's, obviously very near the expiration of this pack of film. All that hair is her real hair. Sarah just returned from a very long engagement in Vegas doing "Mamma Mia." We went to college together, and I hadn't seen her in ages, but found her at our friend's sketch comedy gig. Sarah and I had nearly every class together for four years, and certainly have some insane memories. It was nice to reconnect at the show and know that another member of our class has turned out okay.

On that note, I need some coffee.


rocking giraffe

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I saw this put out with the trash the other day and it was so cute I had to take a picture. And then I became slightly sad that it was put out with the trash....but I hope it got a lot of use and love. I find a lot of weird things put out on my street, as everyone does, but this is definitely in the top three, joining the ranks with the giant maps of Queens and the treasure trove of discarded record albums. They pre-date the blog, or there would have been pictures. Some of the record albums are in frames on my wall, reminding me of dream roles I want to play someday.

I vividly remember how much I loved my rocking horse and what it meant to me- it's still in my parents' house being loved by my two-and-a-half year old cousin. I hope it's one of those things that continues to be passed down in my family.



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This is Phil just after he arrived in the city. He never really liked it much, but it's starting to grow on him now that he's working all the time. Phil is a great lighting designer and electrician. We met almost two years ago at Bay Street Theatre when he was an intern, but now he's a hotshot at Santa Fe Opera and theatres all over NYC. He occasionally insists on being called Philip, but I never do, since I maintain that he first introduced himself to me as Phil.

he begged me not to post this picture. I told him to suck it up.


delivery computer

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Waking up at 7am on a Sunday should be illegal, especially when new mattress pads are involved that turn beds into evil snooze-button magnets.

Since I'm at work (and frustrated) right now (for a change), I thought I'd post a test shot of the delivery computer. This picture was actually a mistake I made while trying to photograph another one of my managers, but the Polaroid freaked out and I needed to figure out what was wrong. This computer is oftentimes the bane of my existence, aggravated by people who don't know how to order delivery. Having also just gracefully exited a phone conversation with a customer who apparently thought I was not good enough to scrape the gum off the bottom of his shoes, let alone put an order for his precious food into the kitchen, I thought I'd blog this computer.
The restaurant business is a freaky animal. I would never want to own or manage a restaurant, especially such an insane high-traffic one as this.

On a more exciting note, I seem to have gotten a fabulous summer theatre job at a wonderful regional theatre doing "The Producers." Yay! I get to be a tap=dancing showgirl, which is what I do best. Hopefully they will let me buy my shoes from them so I won't be dancing in the same tap shoes I've been rocking since the ninth grade.

Two more hours.



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My roommate Rebecca and I watched "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" recently, and it scared the bejesus out of us. We were screaming at the television and clutching each other like the pansies we usually aren't....but oh well. Nothing's scarier than a child actor, except maybe an ex-child actor who can't move on.

In an effort to continue to scare the bejesus out of me, Rebecca cut this picture of one of Posh's Marc Jacobs ads and stuck it on my curtains, which are very near to my bed. The idea of having Posh hanging over my bed watching me sleep was almost more terrifying than being locked in my bedroom and left to starve to death- although then I might be as skinny as Posh and be able to borrow her clothes. Hmm....

I didn't notice that Posh was hanging over my bed until the morning, whereupon I screamed, but mostly with laughter. Mostly.



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In honor of Brayden's link today (thanks again for that) and his mention of Soos in his blog, The No-Spend Zone, I'm putting this photo of Dusty up today. Dusty is Soos's cat, who was also present at the party a few weeks ago. He's a massive cat, but terribly sweet and only slightly shy. James this photo somewhere towards the end of the night, after we made him put pointe shoes on and dance around his own living room. I was helping Elise to support his weight, so I sadly have no pictures of ballerina James.

Anyway....friends' cats seem to be a running theme on this blog. My friends have some pretty cool cats, though. Seriously. How many cats do you know who would be willing to look directly at the camera and pose for a picture? Well played, Dusty. Well played.