michael scott

michael scott, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

Yet another fantastic broadway star. Words cannot describe him. He's been everything from a pirate queen to a jersey boy. Mostly, I love the on-the-spot choreography on the street and in the voicemails. If you're very very lucky, maybe he'll leave you one.

taken on 45th st.



melissa, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

In the interest of keeping it in the 3E family this weekend, here's Melissa. Melissa is Margot (of the two polaroids directly below) and Mitzi's roommate. She doesn't have a blog, or else i would be pimping it right now...but we still love her anyway. I'm so glad Mitzi moved into this apartment- these girls are truly wonderful people.

On another note, I'm really bored at work tonight. I wish broadway would call already and take me out of this office.....
If you're even just passing through, leave a comment. They make my day.


double polaroid margot

this is margot miller of icedgrandesoylatte. you can find her blog in my friends list to the right.

margot made me take two pictures, which i rarely do. she also insisted on posing for both of them, which is something i almost never let my subjects do. there is something about margot that made me not care about my silly rules. she designed the shirt that she's standing on the couch wearing. i think she might even sell it.

margot is incredibly talented, infectiously enthusiastic, has more energy than anyone i know, and manages to make the world seem like a little bit more of a hopeful place. she's a joy to be around.

so here are your polaroids, margs!


cha-cha and katherine

cha-cha and katherine, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

broadway stars, both. you can find them in "wicked" and "a chorus line," respectively, where they light up the stage with their vivacious personalities and awesome talent. plus, they're adorable and sweet and definitely the kind of people you're happy to have sushi with on a late tuesday night.

taken in midtown manhattan.


86th st.

86th st., originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

This is my subway stop. It has been my subway stop for the last two and a half years. This is a terrible picture of it, but i was quite bored waiting for the 1 one night at about 11.

strange days indeed.

rest in peace, heath ledger.


anthony and leila

anthony and leila, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

yet another boring-ass night in the cave. the owner came into the restaurant, so naturally everyone went all atwitter and then sent the host(esses) downstairs to avoid crowding at the podium. it was nice to have company for awhile between the phone calls and delivery orders.

we were clearly all quite bored, as is evidenced by the look on leila's face.


i can has cheezburger?

i can has cheezburger?, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

it was just too perfect to have chairman meow sitting on that box, staring at the plate of mini-cheeseburgers dan was making before project runway a couple of weeks ago. i had to stop chopping lettuce into perfect circles with the top of a cup to grab my camera.
the best part? chair doesn't even really like people food that much. he's a pretty kickass cat, for a communist dictator.

taken in brooklyn.



tenpolaroids001, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

This is my high school sweetheart. He hates this picture, but i don't care. he is an absolutely stellar human being and i'm incredibly grateful for his presence in my life.

taken in LA on christmas day, watching the yule log on DVR, looking through issues of penthouse from the early 80s, and listening to neil diamond.



tenpolaroids006, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

This little boy is the light of my life. His favorite song is "Body Movin'" by the Beastie Boys. He's obsessed with flushing the toilet, winding clocks, and figuring out new ways to crack us up. He requests Arcade Fire when he gets into the car.

coolest kid ever. he's my two and a half year old cousin.


zac in a tree

zac, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

....is ridiculous. However, the backyard orange cake that came out of his midnight shenanigans in my parents' backyard was worth falling out of said tree (don't worry, he didn't fall).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what celebrity chefs do on their off-time. Climb trees to make cake.



tenpolaroids004, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

is usually on the phone. or online. He has more facebook friends than any sane person should. I made him pose in an atm vestibule on the upper west side after we saw "Juno." He's a wonderful wonderful friend.

more funny politics

Apparently, the new fun thing to do during this crazy political time is make politicians pose with crazy props. Here's another one.

thanks to dan for the link.


babies as political props

This article from Slate Magazine was too many different kinds of brilliant to pass up. Check out this guy's photo essay where he uses his five-month-old for some amazing photo opportunities during the New Hampshire primaries.


tenpolaroids002, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

My parents' refrigerator was home to about 40 or so eggplants for a short while before christmas eve. That many eggplants in one place is a pretty hilarious sight, especially when they're wedged between a gigantic jar of olives, egg cartons, and some chinese food containers. taken in LA.



lauren, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

don't know where i've been recently. but i'm around.

this is lauren. she has remained one of my steadfast best friends for the last eight or so years. she is brilliant and beautiful in more ways than i can describe. she is also very cold in this picture.



tenpolaroids003, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

...are funny. they have to fold a lot of napkins. my favorite crime-fighting team is at the top. i want to write them an hour-long single-camera comedy where they fight crimes. it would be huge. we would make millions. my favorite snide commentor jamie is in the middle. and cutest couple goes to cesar and alissa, making faces in the foreground.

incidentally, i just taught blythe danner how to use the automatic paper towel dispenser in the bathroom at work.

never a dull moment.



tenpolaroids005, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

jeremy can twirl his moustache now. i think that's hilarious.

taken in downtown LA before spending many hours in a shitty diner.