double polaroid margot

this is margot miller of icedgrandesoylatte. you can find her blog in my friends list to the right.

margot made me take two pictures, which i rarely do. she also insisted on posing for both of them, which is something i almost never let my subjects do. there is something about margot that made me not care about my silly rules. she designed the shirt that she's standing on the couch wearing. i think she might even sell it.

margot is incredibly talented, infectiously enthusiastic, has more energy than anyone i know, and manages to make the world seem like a little bit more of a hopeful place. she's a joy to be around.

so here are your polaroids, margs!

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margot said...

awwwwww, nikka that is so nice!!! you're not so bad yourself- and btw i didn't design that shirt lol, i'm just obsessed with it- my sis got it for me, but if i did design it i would sell it :-)