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In the interest of keeping it in the 3E family this weekend, here's Melissa. Melissa is Margot (of the two polaroids directly below) and Mitzi's roommate. She doesn't have a blog, or else i would be pimping it right now...but we still love her anyway. I'm so glad Mitzi moved into this apartment- these girls are truly wonderful people.

On another note, I'm really bored at work tonight. I wish broadway would call already and take me out of this office.....
If you're even just passing through, leave a comment. They make my day.

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Anonymous said...

dear yenta,
i think i want a new polaroid. maybe even with the lime again. i do like limes. and lemons. and drinks in which to put them. even if my liver is all gone now.

don't you dare ask me why i left this in a comment. but such is the passing through. it's like a drive-by. only safer.