spiral staircase

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I'm housesitting for my uncle this week so i don't have to go up and down these stairs seventeen times a day...but normally I do, since my bedroom is down that staircase. I've only fallen a couple times, and only sober. of course. just another slice of life in the heaven that is new york city. There's a spiral staircase in my parents' house too, but it goes down to the basement and nobody ever really goes there. I took a similar photo to this one in the ninth grade or so in a stupid black-and-white film phase that every ninth grader has to go through. that photo is long gone at this point, but i like this one better anyway, since this is a spiral staircase i found on my own.
there's a cat sitting in front of the keyboard making it very difficult to type...so i think i'll run off now.

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Tom Moran said...

Could we get a Polaroid of the books *on* the spiral staircase?