i hate brunch.

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of children as a concept. They're occasionally cute and sometimes fun to be with... sometimes.  I know that children can be quite annoying, especially at brunch. Brunch brings out a side of children that makes me want to tear my hair out. The children at brunch today weren't too terrible, most of them were just really excited to go see the Nutcracker- little ballerina girls in their fancy dresses giggling excitedly about seeing the sugar plum fairy.
Children being the size they are, they move a little more slowly- what with the short legs and all. It's not really fun to follow behind them, especially when you have to be somewhere ten seconds ago to deal with yet another in a long line of unsatisfied people. However, it takes a special kind of miserable person to put her hands on and then shove other people's children out of the way, yelling "URCHINS!" at them- to then breeze through to a table which is so unsatisfactory they come running back to scream at me? 
You never understand the true nature of people until you've had to work in the service industry. The behavior I've seen by many patrons who dine at my restaurant is appalling and quite the double standard for the amount of money some of these people have and the kind of organizations they are a part of, the boards they sit on, the money they donate. Most people's true colors are muddled in the almost cruel way they treat the "invisible" people who bring them a meal. Tipping a delivery guy two dollars on a $60 order after he's run twelve blocks in 30 degree weather or just not at all- insane demanding customers on the phone who don't understand what I mean when I say "I'm sorry, we're fully committed at that time" and want to fight with me about it because don't I KNOW WHO THEY ARE? People who make me run a marathon and show them six or seven tables before they grudgingly agree to one?

no. i don't know who you are. and frankly, the more rude you are to me, the less i care. and i didn't really care all that much to begin with. all i ask is that you treat me and my coworkers with the respect and decency we deserve. 

and one more thing- i am not your server. i cannot get your check. i cannot fetch you a drink. my card does not allow me to do such things. pay attention to who serves you and find them when they come back around, but do NOT snap at me. that is not my job, and they sure as hell don't pay me enough to deal with it.

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