floor cake.

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This is what happens when your roommate decides it's a really good idea for you two to bake a cake at three in the morning and you screw it up...by dropping it frosting-side-down on the kitchen floor. I like this picture because it's all washed out and looks like it's from the 70s, between the color of the picture and the color of my kitchen floor.
My roommate Rebecca and I occasionally bake cake from a box. I make the cake part, she frosts it. It works out nicely, for the most part...because, well, there's cake at the end of it all.
The cake was already frought with humorous disaster, since the eggs we used in it had a sell-by date of October 25th (and it was well past Thanksgiving at this point) and we cracked them outside, shivering in our socks on the stoop in case any of them were rotten (since we didn't want to stink up the apartment). Reality show cameras should have been following these two crazy girls as they tossed eggshells off the stoop and sniffed the blue ceramic bowl for any telltale sulphur smells. Either way, the eggs weren't rotten and the cake was eventually baked, although I didn't put enough butter in and I don't own a whisk or an electric mixer, so it was a little weird-looking. Leave it to me to screw up cake from a box. And then drop it on the floor after my roommate frosted it so nicely.
Gravity sucks. however, that night was the first night that floor had been cleaned in an awfully long time, so some good came out of it.
poor poor floor cake.

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