colin and nick

tenpolaroids003, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

Nick likes this picture because his arms look huge. Nick's arms always look huge. We once determined that Nick's arms are actually the size of my thighs. I'm a dancer (and clearly not a photographer), so that's a little scary. there will be more pictures of Nick in the future.

I like this picture because Colin is giving a very typical Colin smile, and he is gone in Vegas doing Mamma Mia for the next nine months or so and I will miss him a lot. I already miss him. Colin is one of my closest friends and one of the most together people I know, even though his energy is always up on a 10. The joy he brings to everything he does and the people around him is infectious and wonderful, and his demeanor is so caring and sweet and jumpy and fantastic. College would have been a very different experience had I not had this incredible person there with me. He's one of those people who you can't forget because he wiggles into your heart and just...stays there.

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