old cars

austincar, originally uploaded by tenpolaroids.

I'm sitting on jury duty, so I figured blogging might be a decent way to pass the time...

Another photo from the Austin set. There are tons of amazing old cars all over the city, many of them impeccably restored and gorgeous. I've always had a thing for big old cars- one of my major life goals is to restore a late 70s Coupe de Ville, filed under the "When I'm Rich And Famous" to-do list. It probably stems from my father's Cadillac obsession.
I know old cars guzzle gas and are nightmarish to park and can oftentimes ride like tanks, but I find modern cars to be a little too homogenized in body style. You can't tell what anything is anymore, and though I am a staunch supporter of technological advances and making cars more environmentally friendly and breaking our dependence on foreign oil, I still sigh with a nostalgia I'm not quite entitled to for an era I never lived in, but can imagine every time I look at the cars.

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