Seriously, when did it become March? Out of nowhere, and definitely not enough springy weather to show for it. This rain is a serious downer. So is audition season at the moment. I'm at that point where I'm wondering why I get out of bed in the morning if all the theatres only have two Equity contracts, both of which will probably go to men...and nobody on Broadway is actually looking to hire anyone new. It's difficult to stay optimistic and continue to pep-talk myself into putting on dance clothes and beating my face every morning....and yet, somehow I do.

I think I'd be in some serious trouble if it weren't for my friends and family right now. They are a thousand different kinds of amazing.

So....now I go back to feverishly cleaning menus, fielding phone calls and continuing to chop legal sized paper down to letter size.

What do you do to lift your spirits?

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Tom Moran said...

I wouldn't worry overly much. You are a very talented performer who is packed with charisma and someone is almost guaranteed to see that. Sooner rather than later.

To lift your spirits, I would watch a classic movie that's very stylish and very funny. "Easy Living" with Jean Arthur and Ray Milland (and a script by Preston Sturges) fits the bill, but it's not coming out on DVD for another month. Until then, I would try "Some Like It Hot."

Or you could start writing a one woman show... :)