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This is Soos. Her real name is Susan, but I rarely hear people call her that. Granted, I hang out with a lot of people she went to high school with, and we know how well those nicknames stick...

Soos is a newspaperwoman, so we posed her in one of Elise's many hats with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. If only there was a large "press" card sticking out of the hat, then everything would be complete. Soos and I have become fast friends since she moved back to the city a few months ago, and I'm incredibly happy about that. She has one of the sharpest wits I've ever encountered, a gigantic heart and the kind of ease with people that makes you very glad she's your friend. Plus she just took a gigantic pile of clothes off my hands, so my overstuffed closets thank her.

taken at James&Elise's apartment in brooklyn.

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