Other than coughing up a horrible storm as of late, something that's still actively not thrilling me in the slightest (quite the opposite in fact, but we'll get to that later), things are moving around. My dear friend Colin is going to leave me for many mnay months to go to vegas and do Mamma Mia, and i'm very happy for him but quite sad that he'll be gone for so long.

I haven't been to work in a week and i've been totally fine with that. i'm over work. i, of course, have to be there in an hour. and then for the next four days in a row (HORRIBLE). i think i'm just over the restaurant. i either want to go back to retail or seriously try and do something else that involves a lot less insanity. going in for Chicago for the seventh time yesterday kind of revitalized my over-the-day-job thing.

not too many other good things to say. started Paul Auster's book The Brooklyn Follies the other day...i just adore the way that man creates a world and the people who inhabit it.

god damn, i wish i weren't coughing so much. everything hurts. maybe they'll relegate me to reservationist duty the rest of the week (yeah right, i should be so lucky). time to get things done and change and go.

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